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Tax Investigation Work

 Fee Protection Service


Tax and VAT investigations are now instigated by the amalgamated government department HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs).


HMRC Officers now have access to more information concerning individuals and companies than ever before.


The Ian Dewar Partnership have for many years not only been able to undertake such work with great success, but also been able to protect clients against the cost of representing those who are subject to detailed enquiry by HMRC.

The ‘Fee Protection Service’ is optional, but it is worth noting that, as well as bening a legitimate business expense claimable against tax, it provides a level of protection, and eases worry over the prospect of such an investigation, especially when considering that HMRC investigations are becoming more wide ranging and therefore more costly each year


Nature of the Plan   The plan takes the form of an insurance contract between us and Groupama Insurance Co Ltd., and is administered by Copperfield Professional & Taxation Services Ltd. in association with ourselves, allowing for flexibility.The cost is billed as a service from us to you – the client – and claims are made directly by us to the insurers.

Expenses covered

The plan enables us to represent each client for professional fees (including specialist external support if necessary) to a limit of £12,000 per claim in respect of each of the following categories:-

·        HMRC in-depth Tax Investigation.

·        PAYE Compliance Review Disputes.

·        PAYE Audit Inspection Disputes.

·        HMRC VAT Disputes.

·        Department for work and Pensions Investigation.

·        Aspect Enquiries (to a limit of £3,000 per claim).

Uniquely this plan does not include an ‘Honesty Clause’ so that payment does not depend on the outcome of the investigation, and is not affected by errors and omissions identified by HMRC, late submission of accounts, or by the level of penalties imposed following the investigation.





Flexible  - Cost of scheme based on accountants fees